Graco Fusion CS Gun

The Graco Fusion ClearShot Spray Gun Technology…
sets the Graco Fusion CS Gun apart from every other applicator. With its revolutionary technology, the Fusion CS is poised to virtually eliminate drilling of the mix chamber – increasing your spraying up-time and reducing downtime spent on maintenance. Flexible for polyurea and foam applications, this gun provides you with versatile advantages.

ClearShot Technology:

  • New technology comprised of ClearShot Liquid and disposable, non-reusable ClearShot cartridges
  • Softens foam and keeps mix chamber clear
  • Saves almost an hour of maintenance time each spray day
  • First-ever liquid purge – reducing purge air by 75% and minimizing foam blowback
  • Easy-to-insert cartridge fits into ergonomic handle
  • Quick-change front
  • Swap out fluid heads in seconds
  • Non-stick polymer cover keeps gun head cleaner
  • Air knife reduces material buildup
  • Fast and simple change-outs put an end to lengthy interruptions and keep jobs on schedule

Features and Benefits:

  • Purge and clean off air flow reduced by 75%
  • Reduces foam blow back
  • All new air knife keeps the front of the gun clear of foam
  • New screw in place side seal design
  • Less O-Rings
  • Better crossover prevention
  • New Chromex coated side seals & mix chambers
  • 10x life improvement
  • New quick change front end
  • Allows for sprayer to go from flat to round quickly
  • New flow settings
  • High & Variable low flow


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