Xtreme PFP

Affordable option for PFP touch-up projects

Get in and get smaller jobs done fast. Ideal for spraying hot-potted fireproofing materials, the Xtreme PFP Sprayer is easy to use and easy to clean.

Handles high-viscosity coatings
Excellent alternative to troweling
Great for small touchup projects or difficult to reach areas

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Xtreme Sprayers with NXT Technology

Graco Xtreme NXT high-pressure air-operated airless sprayers provide long-lasting durability that boosts your productivity.

Designed with Graco’s new NXT Air Motor, the Xtreme NXT is proven to outperform and outlast all other sprayers in its class. It easily handles the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials.

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Xtreme Viscount II 4500 & 5000

The Xtreme Viscount II features clean, quiet hydraulic power and is up to three times more energy-efficient than comparable compressed air systems.

There is no stoppage due to ice build-up as is common with compressed air-powered motors.

Plasma Coat rods and XtremeSeal packings more than double the life of the pump
Easy-to-service Xtreme pump lower
Finish routine maintenance and repairs in half the time of comparable pump lowers

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Xtreme XL

If you have large jobs that require a high-output sprayer, then you need the Graco Xtreme XL Sprayer.

Configured with the Graco XL Air Motor, the largest air motor Graco has ever built, the Xtreme XL handles the workload eqivalent of multiple sprayers.

Lets you use multiple guns to get the job done faster
High output – up to 6.7 gal per minute (25.4 lpm)
Graco’s powerful new 10,000 cc XL Air Motor lets you use multiple guns with almost no perceivable pulsation

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