Resin Catalyst Dispense

Our extremely reliable low maintenance pump utilizes pneumatic signal valves to reverse the air motor and direction of travel – not mechanical spools and trip rods as offered by the competition. This allows you to maintain a perfect spray pattern at the lowest possible spray pressure. Triple lip spring loaded seals in the fluid section, and hardened cylinders seats and valves provide long wear life. Our innovative quick-change seal design makes pump maintenance fast and easy.

We construct the catalyst pump completely from stainless steel for durability and longer wear life. We also integrate an infinite versus incremental ratio-settings feature to select the required percentage of catalyst. The pump will run at any desired catalyst percentage without the hassle of constant adjustments. This provides maximum flexibility in all operating conditions.

Optional DataTrak™ Control

  • Monitors resin usage – Helps ensure product quality by tracking resin usage per piece, shift or day
  • Tracks cycles for preventive maintenance schedule
  • Displays real time flow rate – eliminates material waste due to worn spray tips
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