Super Shear Spray Foam Cutter

The powerful 110v SuperShear Foam saw is designed to trim spray foam insulation quickly and accurately. The custom open cell blade slices cleanly through the foam without causing static cling. A dream come true for cutting spray polyurethane foam.


Trim spray foam insulation quickly and easily with the improved SuperShear Spray Foam Trimmer. Milwaukee’s powerful 12 amp Sawzall is transformed to precisely trim spray foam insulation.

The super shear spray foam cutter is available in two options, Open cell and Closed cell.

Cordless Fibreglass Cutter

Our imported line of portable cutters are perfect for smaller materials and more intricate cutting patterns.

MB cutter have shaped blades for efficient fibreglass material cutting.

Long life Ni-cad battery power makes this unit easy to handle for intricate shapes. Push button sharpening device keeps the 10 sided blade ready to cut a wide variety of materials. Features an adjustable guard for safe operation. Shipped complete with one extra blade and battery charging device.

Table Top Fibreglass Cutter

MB-110 Heavy Duty Fibreglass Cutter

Our imported line of cutters come with standard shaped blades which cut fibreglass materials such as chop strand, woven roving, bi-axial, tri-axials and other common materials.

* Heavy-duty cutter for heavy weight fibreglass * 110mm (4.25″) 4 sided HSS blade * Mounted sharpening stone assembly * 1/4H.P. (180w) motor * Our best and heaviest duty fibre cutter * 4 wheels on base plate * Adjustable guard to limit blade exposure

Hand Held Fibreglass Cutter

MB-50 Portable Electric Fibreglass Cutter

Our lowest cost rotary cutter is complete with push button sharpening and an extra blade. An excellent,economical device for intricate shapes on light to medium weight fibreglass.