Heated Hose with Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard

Manufactured by Graco, Reactor Heated Hoses offer features that help maintain proper fluid temperatures while you’re spraying – resulting in better yield and performance.

The Xtreme-Wrap Scuff Guard is more durable and robust than typical guards, meaning it will protect and prolong the life of your hose. Available in low-pressure (2000 psi / 138 bar) and high-pressure (3500 psi / 241 bar). Count on genuine Graco parts for best performance.

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Hose Heat Jackets

High viscous materials or an application under low outside-temperatures needs a pre-heating method of the material before reaching the machine.

The one solution we have for pre-heating are heated transfer hoses (6ft and 10ft length), which were assembled between your supply feed pump and the inlet of the machine.

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