Bristle Rollers

These special rollers are used when conventional finned rollers are not efficient at removing the air in a particular laminate. Bristle rollers work well in knitted / unidirectional fibres when air pockets can form. This roller styles are mounted on strong 1/4″ frames and have ferrule reinforced plastic handles that accept extensions. Also good in skin coats and mould construction.

Corner Rollers

Aluminium & Nylon Corner Rollers

Ideal for getting in the corner where conventional roller cannot reach. with different width heads the range is available to suit most internal corner of any angle.

Corner rollers also help eliminate cavity’s in between the Gel-Coat and Laminate. Help reduce repair time in the finishing department.

Available in both Aluminium and Nylon.

Bubble Buster Rollers

The Bubble Buster is machined to act similar to the Bristle Roller range, but is much more hard wearing and provides longer life.

With the many machined spikes the Bubble Buster makes light work of air entrapment on standard or multi-woven fabrics. Also reduces fibre build up on the roller head unlike other styles on the market.

See our range of sizes available below

Deluxe (Nylon & Alum Head) Rollers

The Deluxe (Nylon & Aluminium head) Roller is the most widely used consolidating finned roller. With its head design and many different sizes it is perfect for air relief on all types of matt, this tool can finish any job small or large.

The ergonomic stippled handle gives comfort and grip, The head can be removed with a standard Phillips screw driver for full strip and clean, fitted with an aluminium bushing the Deluxe roller gives you long life and durability.

See the unit-cost below for all head sizes and type on offer.

Economy Rollers

Economy laminating rollers are the entry level low cost consolidating roller. An essential product for the occasional user or tight and difficult to reach areas with the conventional rollers. With the small diameter heads and other available sizes, the Economy roller can save on your manufacturing costs as well as improve your finished product.

Economy Rollers are available in both (215) Nylon and (220) Aluminium heads.

See the unit-cost below for all head type and sizes on offer.

Paddle Rollers

The original Paddle Roller as seen in most GRP Shops. With the long paddle design this roller has great air relief at low cost price.

Easy to clean and many sizes available, this roller suits any application in the fibreglass industry.

Panel Rollers

Panel rollers – Exclusive to our range. Heavy duty frames that support the roller at both ends for superior wet out properties on large areas. When pressure is applied to these rollers, force is evenly applied to the laminate area. Solid aluminium styles are 3.8 lbs/foot to reduce labour while rolling out. Sizes from 2″ x 6″ (50 x 150mm) to 2″ x 18″ (50 x 450mm) are available. No other roller can roll out large panes and surfaces as fast or as easy as these rollers. All panel rollers come with our best ferrule reinforced handle.