Spartan II RTM Lite

The GlasCraft Spartan II is the latest technology available from GlasCraft that is specifically designed for low-pressure injection of polyester and vinyl ester resin in Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM and RTM Lite) Injection Applications. The Spartan II family comes in a variety of configurations that can be used in manual or automatic injection, depending on your needs.

New Features!

The Accu-Pressure active sensor is the key to RTM Lite success. This controls the amount of pressure in the RTM Light tool and guarantees the mould to fill without opening before the injection is complete. SSP infinitely adjustable slave pump allows catalyst to be infinitely adjusted from 0.5% – 3.5%.

Magic Bullet auto valve actuation ports are built into the system console for quick setup and injection.

Cycle counter built into console with independent reset button for longer operation.

New catalyst check valve maintains excellent mix at low catalyst percentages.

Enclosed control console.

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